College Football Writer Mike Bruce Feldman Is Persona Non Grata In Bristol

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Sports by Brooks is reporting that ESPN college football writer Bruce Feldman "has been banned from writing for any ESPN entity, is forbidden from appearing on any ESPN platform, is not allowed to Tweet from his Twitter account nor participate in any promotion of a recently-released book in which Feldman played a role."

Yikes. This is bad news for Feldman, whose personal website still self-identifies as "sports writer for ESPN the Magazine." Reading the post, it seems like the issue was Feldman's involvement with a book about former Texas Tech coach Mike Leach.

Well before Mike Leach was terminated by Texas Tech in late 2009, Feldman had agreed in principle to assist the coach in compiling material for a Leach biography. That biography, in which Feldman was mostly charged with recording Leach's first-person account of his life, was released this week with the title, "Swing Your Sword."

Because of Leach's acrimonious departure from Texas Tech, which allegedly stemmed from complaints about the coach's alleged treatment of the son of ESPN college football analyst Craig James, Feldman's participation in "Swing Your Sword" was not initially assured.


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