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College Hockey Man Uses Second College Hockey Man To Cause Some Property Damage

Minnesota upset No. 16 Notre Dame at home 2-1 on Saturday in the Golden Gophers’ Big Ten regular season finale. While the Fighting Irish didn’t come away with the desired result, a win, they perhaps got what can be considered the next best thing: a huge ass hit that will make everyone forget the score of the game.

In the beginning of the third period, Minnesota sophomore Brannon McManus was chasing after a puck when Notre Dame freshman Jake Pivonka checked the absolute hell out of him. The impact was so strong that when McManus crashed into the glass, he shattered the whole damn pane.


The game reportedly had to be stopped for 10 minutes so that the cleaning crew could get all of the glass off of the ice. Sure, the win would have been cool but Pivonka will probably be bragging about this story for quite some time.

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