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College Hoops Coach Who Made Players Run Until One Pooped Keeps Job

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University of Wisconsin—Green Bay men's basketball coach Brian Wardle made news last month when it got out that he may have made his players run hills so much that one of his players, Ryan Bross, shat his pants, and that he may have then proceeded to heckle the poor pants-shitter all season long.

We're proponents of physical fitness and pain and occasionally even of people shitting themselves, but Wardle took it too far. And it looked like UWGB thought he took it too far, too, when they commissioned attorney Joseph Nicks to lead an independent investigation of the coach. After Nicks turned in his 39-page report, however, UWGB chancellor Thomas Harden decided that Wardle could keep his job. But according to the Green Bay Press-Gazette, there are a hell of a lot of stipulations:

• Wardle’s contract will not be extended as it had been each of the past two offseasons, meaning he has four years remaining on his deal that pays him an annual salary of $133,132 plus another $70,000 in outside income. Future extensions will be reviewed on an annual basis.

• A disciplinary letter addressing Wardle’s use of vulgar and obscene language and his suggestion that a player have sex will be placed in his personnel file.

• An adviser will be assigned to Wardle for the upcoming season, with the goal of improving some of the ways in which he motivates his players.

• Wardle will be required to be more involved in university-wide activities to better understand the broader university environment.


So instead of just letting Wardle go, UWGB is going to keep paying him for four more years and then let him go. Meanwhile, the school is assigning Wardle a babysitter to ensure more players aren't pooping themselves, and making him hang out with students who know he made his player poop himself. Damn. He must be a great coach, right?

Nah. UWGB has a 47-49 record over the last three seasons he's coached. Which we guess isn't as bad as it could've been, but probably not good enough to warrant being able to push your players to the point of defecation.

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