It takes a special kind of asshole coach to make you run hills until you vomit. But it takes an even MORE special kind of asshole coach to make you run hills until you shit your pants and then mock you all season long for shitting your pants. That's the accusation leveled against UW-Green Bay men's basketball coach Brian Wardle by former player Ryan Bross.

You can read all of ugly details right here, from Rob Demovsky at the Green Bay Press-Gazette. But obviously I'm going right to the part about pantshitting:

Bross said it was at that point that he couldn’t control his diarrhea and soiled his pants. “I got down to the bottom (of the hill), and Wardle told me I was a piece of s—- and that he had never seen such a big p—— in his life and that I was the biggest piece of s—- he had ever seen,” Bross said. When asked whether he believed Wardle knew that Bross had soiled his pants, Bross said yes because it was visible in his white shorts.


Think of the character-building that went on that day. SHADES OF BEAR BRYANT. Bross also accuses Wardle of calling him a "faggot" and prohibiting him from taking a difficult biology class that would siphon away time from precious, precious basketball.

Wardle remains the coach of the Phoenix despite a 47-49 record over three seasons. In fact, Demovsky notes that Wardel received, "a standing ovation from a group of boosters at the annual Phoenix-Packers Steak Fry fundraiser," which I'm sure is always a blast to attend.

We already said that there was no shortage of Mike Rices left in the coaching business, and I'm sure more than a few UWGB fans will note Wardle's alleged methods and nod their heads in reverent approval. THAT'S HOW YOU TURN YOUNG BOYS INTO YOUNG MEN, ONE SOILED PAIR OF UNDIES AT A TIME.


[Green Bay Press-Gazette | h/t @nickmortensen | Photo: AP]