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Illustration for article titled Colorado School District Says Peyton Manning Is A Gang Sign

If you're a student in the Greeley-Evans (Colo.) School District and you want to wear your brand-new Peyton Manning jersey to school, you might be gang-curious, according to the people who run your schools.


Here's the Denver Post:

For several years, the district has imposed a strict dress code that forbids students from wearing certain clothing that could be associated with gangs, including jerseys with the No. 18, which could represent the city's 18th Street gang.


They are also prohibited from wearing jerseys with the Nos. 13 or 14 because of their association with the Sureño and Norteño gangs, and the reverse numbers—31 and 41, as well as 81.


Before the arrival of Manning, these restrictions weren't much of a big deal, since no kid liked Dante Rosario that much. But with the most popular jersey in the country now being disallowed, parents are complaining, and district spokesman Robert Fiedler says the bans could be reviewed. Free the Steve Watson throwbacks!

Peyton Manning's popularity muddies school district's ban on numbers [Denver Post]

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