Colt McCoy's Father Says His Son Doesn't Remember The End Of Last Night's Game

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This is what Colt McCoy looked like after James Harrison launched himself into McCoy's face with the crown of his helmet last night. It obviously wasn't a good idea for the Browns to put McCoy back into the game. But after only one play, they did just that. And five plays after Harrison's hit, McCoy threw an interception that ended Cleveland's chances to win.


According to McCoy's father, Brad, McCoy remembers none of it. Here's what Brad McCoy told the Cleveland Plain Dealer:

"I talked to Colt this morning and he said, 'dad, I don't know what happened, but I know I lost the game. I know I let the team down. What happened?''

Brad McCoy went on to question Browns coach Pat Shurmur for saying after the game that Colt was fine. He mentioned that the team's PR staff made certain Colt spoke only briefly with the media because the press conference lights were "killing him." He wondered why Josh Cribbs left the game with a groin injury and never returned, when his woozy son was thrown right back out there with a rattled brain.

According to Florio, Shurmur said today that McCoy's symptoms only became noticeable after the game. Had he known otherwise, Shurmur said, McCoy wouldn't have gone back in.

The video of the hit McCoy took can be seen here:

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