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Combing Through Simmons Reviews

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We are about a week and a half away from the release of Bill Simmons' Now I Can Die In Peace — that's an appended title; Bill can't even resist a lengthy footnote in his book's name — and most of the big periodical reviews aren't out yet. (Our Nexis isn't working right, so we can't check the publishing trades, though we're told he received a starred review from Booklist, which is no small feat.) Since the "professional" reviews aren't out yet, we thought we'd dig around the Amazon Reader Reviews.


We don't take much stock in Amazon reviews, which are pretty much just message board posts with star ratings. (We once were called "the next phase in America's obsession with watching stupid people embarrass themselves," which, actually, is pretty much dead-on.) But they're still fun to pick through. After the jump, a look at some our favorites for Bill's book:

A few of our favorites ...

"There's one thing that I noticed—don't know about anyone else: did anyone else see the HUGE number of typos and publisher's gaffes? Sentences printed twice? Italicized words that shouldn't have been? Extra letters inserted in words? Didn't anyone copyedit it?! These aren't nitpicky grammarian things, either. If I were a first-time author, and my book was published as shoddily as this, I'd sue my publisher."

"I, like everyone, have an absolute adoration for all things Boston. I read ESPN's Page 2 every day hoping to learn what Simmons has to offer about my team and how I could possibly, possibly hope to be as great and deserving a sports fan as a Boston fan. I have already placed orders for multiple copies of this book to share with others. The magic and mystery of Bill needs to be shared by everyone. I, for one, tip my hat to all arrogant, holier-than-thou Boston sports fans and say "Command me, o great and wise fans." And it all begins with Bill."

"I used to like the Sports Guy before he got all cocky. You may live in a sports mansion, but your writing style is piss poor."


"i read this book for summer reading and thought it was sooooo funny. bill simmons is my papi."

Now I Can Die In Peace