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Come Along For The Tweet Parade Then Stay Facebook Friends Forever

We understand that there are plenty of other places many of you enjoy wasting your time on besides here. So we've finally upgraded our once decrepit social media platforms and made them all shiny and new.

Yes, Spinheads, this is a friendly reminder for you to help us become more socially palatable by joining our new Facebook page. Explore its vastness and use your animated thumbs to say how much you enjoy a post or utilize the space for creepy chats without any fear of being starred or de-starred. The first 400 un-starred people to become fans gain an automatic star for the rest of the week, ninja-free. But, if you abuse the star, then it's back to the usual nunchaku to the kidneys and you'll go back to virtual anonymity.


Also, our Twitter page has a more aesthetically pleasing "D" and will eventually get rid of those pesky hashtags and update a little less so we don't clutter your Tweetdeck with every single thing on the site.

And here's a friendly nudge for you to go check out the other Gawker media Facebook pages found in the "favorite pages" portion. Go make some new imaginary friends:

Also, be sure to pop on Chatroulette between the hours of 10 p.m. and midnight and you might find Emeritus Will Leitch singing a song about you on his french horn. (He's wearing a Cardinals World Series hoodie that obstructs a portion of his face and giant glasses, but I assure you it's him.)

There you have it. Your Deadspin experience is now more fortified.

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