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Come Celebrate An Old Man's Victory Lap

Not that any of you were wondering, but this is clearly why Sammy Sosa came back after "retiring:" He gets to make this ridiculous face in front of a stadium full of fans who still aren't quite sure what to think of him.

We appreciated Lone Star Ball's stance on this: "Yay! Now let's call up Jason Botts."


Seriously, though, now that Sammy Sosa has his 600 homers — and still has his defenders, in Chicago and elsewhere — the question arises: Is he going to make the Hall of Fame? Obviously, his numbers say he should be in there ... but so do Mark McGwire's.

Surprisingly, almost everyone at ESPN thinks he should be in, which is odd, we think. The majority of "voters" say that because he's never tested positive for any steroids, they shouldn't be a factor in any decision making. Which doesn't make any sense, because McGwire never tested positive either, and no one's rushing to put him in the Hall. We're not saying Sosa shouldn't be in, or he should, but any decision you'd make on him, you'd have to apply the same to McGwire.

But really: Where's Jason Botts?

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