Come Join Us At The Philly Pants Party

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After a bit of a delay, we have the details for the next Deadspin Pants Party, to be held in Philadelphia on Saturday, July 14. It's all official and stuff: You can buy your tickets right here. Game starts at 3:55. We will be there, as will the esteemed balls of A.J. Daulerio.


By the way, the lovely and talented Lady Andrea has put together a clearinghouse for all Deadspin Pants Parties. Miami, Atlanta and Las Vegas, coming up, with more on their way, surely.

There's drinking afterwards too; after the jump, AJ has all the details.


Okay, after we'll have a room at Kildare's, Headhouse Square on Second and South, with drink and food specials. Email me if you plan on attending, so I can give them a proper head count. Also, email me if you'd like to have a Where's Mamula Sandwich so I can know how many to bring. Those will cost $3 extra, and you can pay me at the park or buy me a beer. Or, you know, gimme a handy.