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Come Out To The Ballpark ... And Die!

Talking your family to the ballpark can be a dangerous proposition. You could be hammered by a line drive. Lightning could strike the night you're honoring a great journalist. Milton Bradley could start pummeling you, just because it's a Tuesday.


But now, the true danger is revealed: A minor league team is offering fried White Castle burgers. Your heart will explode by the sixth inning.

Baseball's Best Sliders will come in a two-pack for $4. A cheese sauce on the side is $1 extra. So now what you've all been waiting for — the calorie count. I didn't say this before but not only is it fried, but it's battered first. It's just an estimate, but it looks to be around 600 calories and 40 grams of fat for the two-pack. That's 90 percent of your daily recommended fat based on a 2,000 calorie diet. The Grizzlies open their season on May 23.


We love it; they're gonna include heroin on the side, right?

Jeez, somebody keep this away from David Wells!

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