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Sports News Without Fear, Favor or Compromise

Comedian Tempts Gym Goers With Pastries, Is Threatened With Violence

Exercise, like alcohol, is beneficial in moderation. Most people understand this. Then there are the hardcore gym rats whose beliefs can be shaken to the core by a cupcake.


Enter Scott Rogowsky, the star of the internet show Running Late. Posted up outside the doors of a gym, he presented those headed in with a plate of free pastries reserved especially for them. Unsurprisingly, few took him up on the offer.

But what started out as a funny premise quickly escalated into master trolling. Banished from the front door by management, Rogowsky moved farther down the sidewalk directly in front of the treadmills, where he prepared a table with an array of sweets. He then proceeded to eat said sweets while observing those working out with the same expression normally seen at zoos.


This was not received well.

"I feel like a free cupcake would really cheer you up," said P.A. Abe, who was tasked with sweets distribution as Rogowsky ate. "I feel like I'm going to smash this in your face," replied a muscle-y guy in a green polo.

"People are here to lose weight," said another observer, "not look like a slob like you."

Whoa, whoa, whoa; it seems thou doth protest too much. True, on the surface these men probably have their shakers full of protein powder close at hand. But late at night, with the door safely locked? You just know there's an empty tub of cake frosting and a man wiping his sticky lips with the weightlifting callouses on his palms.

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