You know this movie is coming if the Cardinals win the Super Bowl. Of course my version would star Ben Affleck and feature Robert Downey Jr. as Jesus. [Fanster]

His-to-ry. Steelers give AFC Championship game ball to President Obama. Franco Harris is somehow involved. [WTAE Pittsburgh]

Unlikely Super Bowl Appearance Indeed. Headline of the week so far. I love Britain and its tenuous grasp of American football. [Riverfront Times]

Let It Ride. According to RJ Bell, the Cardinals would be Super Bowl underdogs against 10 different NFL teams, including two which didn't even make the playoffs. []


Ballad Of The Sixburgh Steelers. Another Day, another Ryan Parker Super Bowl song. [Ryan Parker Songs]

Your Gratuitous Super Bowl Television Ad Post. The economy cannot stop Super Bowl ad prices from going up again this year: $3 million per 30 seconds. This year with Denny's! [MSNBC]