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Commenting Changes Are Coming Soon; Don't Be As Petulant As These Gawker Commenters, OK?

If you want to read the basic outline of the changes—coming to Deadspin in a matter of weeks—float on over to Gawker. The new commenting regime won't be nearly as scary and complicated as it sounds. The basic conceit remains: Smart and insightful are given primacy over dumb and boorish. Actual discussion will matter more now, and in general the comments section will be the locus of a lot more activity on the site. Writers and editors will hang around down there more often. We'll also have regular live chats, and we'll try whenever possible to open up the comments to the subjects and sources of our stories. These are all good things.


Stars are gone. You'll manage.

Now, if you want to see what it looks like when a bunch of sour, self-obsessed halfwits nurture their persecution complexes and play with their toes in public, check out some of the comments beneath that Gawker post. Also, this video:

Please don't be like that.

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