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'Competitive Wanking' Tag Makes Triumphant Return, And We Couldn't Be Prouder

It was back in August when we brought you the dramatic results of the 2006 Masturbate-A-Thon in London, in which 50 participants raised 500 pounds for charity (chances are you not only remember, but own the home version of the game). Well, British TV filmed a documentary of the event, and Netherlands (Dutch? Hollandasie?) TV is about to show it. Making some officials there quite unhappy.

Christian democrat CDA MP Joop Atsma said the programme was "completely absurd" and "tasteless." "I get the impression that Tien in continuously trying to push the boundaries of what is acceptable. If it were possible, I would ban these kinds of programmes," he said.


To recap: Masturbate-A-Thon, Dutch TV, Tien, opposed by a guy named Joop. Thank you for your time.

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