Congratulations, Cristiano Ronaldo Is Nailing Your Sister

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Chelsea had a bit of a rough go of it this year, especially after losing a heartbreaker to Barcelona in the Champions League, but their Italian-Brazilian midfielder Juliano Belletti can take solace in the fact that his sister has found comfort in the arms of Man U coxswain Cristiano Ronaldo.

Luana Belletti holds the deadly combination of being of Italian ancestry and Brazilian birth, a mixture that typically renders men incapable of resisting her charms. (Translation: "She's a babe.") Since she could have any man in the world, she naturally chose the most famous man in her brother's chosen field, who also happens to work for his organization's hated league rival. At least the boys will have something to talk about on the field next season!


Incredibly, one version of the story claims Juliano fixed the two up—the all speak Portuguese, you know—which means the guy is either immune to jeering insults about his sister's virtue, or she's a spy planning to lure Ronaldo into a daze of lover's bliss and then dump his heartsick ass the day before the next Chelsea tilt at Old Trafford. Hey, I've seen Footballer's Wives.

And thus concludes your daily WAG update. Was it good for you too?

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