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Congratulations, Deadspin Nation: You Did It

Everybody pat themselves on the back today: Paypal has listened to reason.

Thanks in no small part to the influx of letters, emails and calls from the denizens of Deadspin Nation, we received word this afternoon that Paypal has relented on its decision to hold onto the Adam Knox Fund donations. Obviously the calls worked, because they were awfully resolute about it before we posted our rant yesterday. They claim it to have been a misunderstanding, though we definitely got the right guy on the phone today, post-post. (In retrospect, such initial anger — we tried not to write angry, but we obviously failed, with good reason — might not have been the most productive way to handle the situation; we were righteously indignant, but it still probably doesn't help one's cause to refer to people as "dicknobs." Though it really is a wonderful word, isn't it?)


We'd seriously like to thank all the Deadspin readers — particularly the lawyers; hey, America, all your billable hours are going toward reading Deadspin! — who offered their help in this situation, and especially to those who donated in the first place. There's good karma for everyone out there tonight, and, more important, there's some, minor relief coming to the Knox family and his platoon. So thank you.

Paypal Doesn't Want Slain Soldiers' Families To Receive Aid [Deadspin]

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