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Welcome back to what I can only hope will be our weekly "Say What, High School Football Coaches?" series. Today's installment brings us to the rough and tumble streets of Westport, Connecticut where an assistant coach is being investigated for allegedly providing his team with a username and password to "gain access to a pornographic website."

The coach, who has not been identified, was suspended by Staples High School and prohibited from contact with the team and other students. A student not on the team reported the coach to school officials after overhearing a conversation between him and some players.


What are the rest of the students saying, though? Well, Chris Larkins, a former student and football player said "It's not the worse thing in the world...but it's not acceptable." A slightly more alarmed Julian Clarke, recalling the Penn State scandal, noted that while not surprising, "it's a little shocking that it would happen at a high school level."

Larkins also wants to make sure that this recent scandal does not tarnish the reputation of the once-proud football program. "'Oh yeah, great program, worked us hard, but you know, we were very successful,' said Larkin. 'Not the year that I was there but the year after we took states.'" Chris Larkins...Chris Larkins.


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