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Cop Asks Jogger To Run On Sidewalk, Arrests Her When She Doesn't

Image via MLive
Image via MLive

MLive has dashcam footage of a Michigan woman who was arrested on Jan. 2 after she ignored a cop who stopped her and asked her to run on the sidewalk. There’s a lot of yelling.

Vera Pecaj, a 40-year-old teacher from Brighton, was jogging in Green Oak Township when Officer Michael Jain pulled up next to her in his vehicle and asked her to move from the road onto the sidewalk. According to Jain’s report, Pecaj ignored him. More, from MLive:

Jain crossed Rickett Road and then turned left onto Mission Road to wait for Pecaj, his report states. When he held up his hand to signal her to stop, he said, she repeatedly refused.

When she finally did —after Jain informed her she needed to stop or she’d go to jail — Pecaj refused to give her name and yelled she had done nothing wrong. Pecaj turned away to keep running, and Jain grabbed her arm.

“Don’t f****** touch me,” Pecaj yelled, according to Jain’s report.

The dashcam video doesn’t show Jain arresting Pecaj, but it does have the audio:


Pecaj was charged with resisting and obstructing arrest, a felony. She pleaded guilty to a reduced misdemeanor on March 17 at the advice of her attorney.


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