Cop Pointing Rifle At Ferguson Protestors: "I Will Fucking Kill You" [UPDATE]

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This is remarkably bad copping.

Today, a video was uploaded to YouTube of last night's Ferguson protests in the wake of Michael Brown's killing. It shows a police office prowling the street among dozens of protesters milling about. He has a rifle, and has it raised and aimed at peaceful civilians. The money shot comes about 30 seconds in, when he points the gun directly at multiple people and says, "I will fucking kill you. Get back!"

The person recording the video then asks the officer for his name. "Go fuck yourself," he replies.


Below is another, clearer video of the officer waving his gun at people in what looks like the aftermath of his scary run-in with the protesters.

Who is this guy? Seriously, what's his name?


It looks like the officer has been removed from duty. Today, the ACLU of Missouri sent a letter to the Missouri Highway Patrol calling for the cop to be removed, and now, the ACLU is reporting on Twitter that the deed is done.