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Sports News Without Fear, Favor or Compromise

Cop Trips High School Kids Rushing Field To Celebrate State Title Win

At the eight second mark of this video, you can see a dude in pink shorts and a visor in the lower right corner go sprawling to the ground. He was clearly tripped and when he turned around he saw Georgetown police officer George Bermudez staring down at him.

Students at Vandegrift High School in Austin, Texas rushed the field because the girls soccer team won its first state title ever. It all seems pretty harmless and goodnatured, certainly nothing that required the degree of force used by Bermudez. But Burmedez didn't stop with pink shorts guy (who limped off the field), he would go on to try and trip another female student, bear hug another and shoved another girl down for good measure.

"We've been inundated all day with not only media but concerned parents, not only from Central Texas/Georgetown but actually across the nation," said Georgetown Police Captain Roland Waits.

Capt. Waits said last year they named Officer Bermudez Officer of the Year, now he's under investigation for misconduct.

"So naturally this is very alarming and concerning to us," he explained.

Bermudez has been placed on leave.

h/t Brian

Officer on leave after video shows him tripping students [KVUE]

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