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UFC fighter Julianna Pena was arrested yesterday in Spokane, Wash. after, according to police, a bar refused to let her and her bloodied friend, fellow fighter Joshua Gow, use their bathroom to clean up because they were closing. Upset by this, witnesses told police, she kicked two different men in the groin. Gow also rubbed his bloody face on the bar’s front window, the police reports said.

Pena was charged with two counts of city assault and booked into the Spokane County jail. As of late Monday she was no longer listed on the inmate roster. Gow was not arrested, according to police reports released today.


The only explanation in the reports for how Gow got hurt comes from Pena herself. In one report, an officer wrote that Pena said “they had been in a fight with 20 people in front of the Globe.” They went to Zola’s, she told the officer, because “she knew the owner and she was going to get Mr. Gow cleaned up,” the report said. That’s where majority of the reports pick up, at about 2:20 a.m. Sunday at Zola’s.

The names of the witnesses are redacted, so it’s hard to tell exactly how many people police talked to or what positions they held at the bar. Though a few details change, the basic outline stays the same: Pena was told she can’t use the bathroom, got angry, and kicked two men in the groin a total of three times. This is the most detailed account of what happened:


This same witness told police that everyone at the bar knew Pena was a UFC fighter. He also said he had dropped his phone during the fight and believed either Pena or Gow had taken it. Another officer later found three phones in Pena’s purse, and she said she had picked up the extra phone accidentally during the fight, according to the report.

Pena did identify herself as an MMA fighter to police, although it was to an officer who approached her as she, Gow, and a third person were walking away from Zola’s. She told the officer that Zola’s had refused to let her and Gow use the bathroom. When the officer asked her if anything happened at Zola’s, the officer wrote that she said “no.”


As a fighter, Pena is 7-2, but may be best known for being a winner of The Ultimate Fighter reality show. Gow is 4-1.

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