Cops: Jay Ratliff Said "I Am The Devil," Wished Death Upon Bears Employee's Children

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The Chicago Bears released Jay Ratliff on Oct. 22, but he didn’t leave quietly. The defensive end argued with general manager Ryan Pace in front of the team’s Halas Hall headquarters in Lake Forest, Ill., an altercation that eventually drew the attention of the local police. Today, we received the heavily redacted report from an officer at the scene. It describes an incident involving an unnamed 6-foot-4, 303-pound player—Ratliff’s listed height and weight on—telling the likewise redacted employee, “I am the devil,” and attempting to doom the employee’s children.

The relevant excerpt:

Security would not allow [redacted] through the front gate. He again parked his vehicle and entered the property on foot. [Redacted] informed me he made contact with [redacted] on the property and was escorting [redacted] to retrieve his phone, at which time [redacted] told [redacted] “I am the devil” and he wished staff member’s children would die. [Redacted] advised he informed [redacted] multiple times he is not to return to the property and must leave. [Redacted] then left the property without further incident.


The full report is below.


Update (6:15 p.m.): Ratliff’s agent Mark Slough has released a statement saying that Ratliff doesn’t remember saying any of the things mentioned in the report.


Photo: AP

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