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Cops Using Steelers Van As Bait

Constables in Western Pennsylvania have had a tough time getting people to open their doors to serve them with arrest warrants. Solution: lure 'em out with the old black and gold.

Our justice system is a strange one. Before accused criminals can appear in court, constables have to physically serve them their warrants and transport them to the courthouse. Not always so easy.

One guy told us he wouldn't come outside because of our car," Coleman said of the constable car that resembles a police cruiser. "So Rocky and I were thinking to use a Steelers van."


Yesterday they borrowed a black and gold fan, painted with the Steelers logo, and played the fight song. They park outside the targets' residences, "lay on the horn," and out they come. Justice: Steeler style.

Constables serve arrest warrants in Steelers van [Daily Courier]
[h/t DamnSkippy]

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