Cortland Finnegan Retires, Remains In Denial About Time He Got Beat Up

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Cortland Finnegan—the long-time Titan cornerback who is better known as the NFL's biggest asshole—took to Instagram today to announce his retirement. In a statement that covers his love of the game, his appreciation at having played, and his excitement about his future, he reveals that is apparently still in denial about the time Andre Johnson worked him in the middle of a game.

Here's Finnegan's statement:

Spent 9 years doing something I Loved and it has payed off in so many ways.. To say I have been blessed is an understatement I am forever thankful.. I have made my share of mistakes and had moments of glory. I even got into a fight in an NFL Game ( he hits like a bish) 😂😭. I'm thankful for the friends I made on and off the field love yAll.. Time to move on and enjoy new people new places and new ideas.. I forgot to thank all the haters I love yAll to 💃💃💃💃


As you can see from the video above (and for an even more in depth look at what lead the normally calm and quiet Johnson to snatch Finnegan's head off and beat it like a piñata, here's a great mic'd up segment from the game), Finnegan's still out here trying to act like the obvious didn't happen. He may say Johnson hits "like a bish," but Johnson couldn't tell you how Finnegan hits.