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Cory Lidle, The Day After

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As we take a step back from the Cory Lidle story a day later, we look at, perhaps predictably, the strange situation that arises when a journeyman (but capable) pitcher like Lidle suddenly becomes a household name in the worst way possible.


For example: He suddenly becomes an extremely hot eBay item.

Cory Lidle never matched their popularity, and not even close. Nonetheless, eBay action on Lidle items went crazy on Wednesday. Before his name popped into the news, an autographed ball of his sold for $15. Not more than a minute after that auction closed, another ball began its climb to selling for $318. That item's bidding history shows a very interesting timeline.

The details on Lidle's crash appear to be official now, though they won't be able to determine a "cause," per se, for a matter of months. We are still waiting comment from Arthur Rhodes, by the way.

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(By the way, the best thing we've read — pretty much the only worthwhile thing we've read — about the Lidle situation was The Dugout this morning.)