Greg Bedard, one of the Sports Illustrated reporters who broke the story that Pouncey had been served with a subpoena immediately after the Dolphins' loss to the Patriots, thinks it's possible.

Here's what Bedard said about Pouncey—a former teammate of Hernandez at the University of Florida—this morning on The Joe Rose Show on Miami sports-talk station WQAM:

"Overall, I would say this is a serious situation for Mike Pouncey. This is not a situation where they just think he might have evidence towards the charges against Aaron Hernandez. If he goes in there [to testify before the grand jury] thinking that's what it's about, he will be underprepared. He should be prepared that the authorities are looking at him in regards to some charges because that's the indication that we get."

Bedard went on to say that Pouncey's twin brother, Maurkice, a center for the Steelers and another of Hernandez's former Florida teammates, could also be called before the grand jury. The grand jury's investigation is believed to be focused on Hernandez's alleged interstate gun trafficking. The Pounceys' possible involvement in that is not clear, but Bedard also said, "I know they're looking at their finances."


The full audio of Bedard's conversation with Rose can be heard here. The part in which they discuss Pouncey can be heard below:

[Pro Football Talk, via WQAM]