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Sports News Without Fear, Favor or Compromise

Could This IHOP Brawl Put "I Ride The Ride" On The Catch-Phrase Map? (NSFW)

There's a lot going on in this two-minute piece of artistry from the IHOP in Orangeburg, S.C. on Saturday. Drinks being thrown. Canes being swung. Gibberish being yelled. And, a chilling effect being felt.

"It bothers me that my mother, my family could be out trying to enjoy a simple meal," said Eric Collins. "It makes you wonder... Am I going to be next? Am I going to get caught in this?

"People need to respect each other," said Collins. "We've got too many problems in this country to watch that on the news. We've got soldiers fighting a war and they fighting over pancakes."

Fighting over pancakes. While Interim Sheriff Barbara Walters said management did not wish to file a report, senior-level IHOP management is currently reviewing the case. Yes, Interim Sheriff Barbara Walters is cq.

IHOP officials reviewing YouTube fight video [WISTV]

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