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Couple Caught Having Sex On Soccer Pitch

Brøndby and Randers played to a goalless draw on Sunday in Denmark's top league, but that doesn't mean no one scored.

After the final whistle, two fans waited for everyone to leave the stadium before sneaking down to just outside the center circle. (Wise. You can't enter the circle until the ball's in play.) They should have waited just a little bit longer, because club employees were still in the building and took notice.


Brøndby's press officer tweeted about it. (Rough translation: "Great match, but crestfallen over the 0-0 and many blown chances. But the couple who after the game banged in the center circle helps the mood.") He then fetched security, who interrupted the couple and kicked them out of the stadium. No word on whether the man was able to get off a blooter in time.

[via Who Ate All The Pies]

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