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Illustration for article titled Court Orders Terrell Suggs To Turn Over All Seven Of His Guns After He Allegedly Punched His Girlfriend And Dragged Her Alongside A Car

A court filing by Terrell Suggs's girlfriend Candace Williams made last month was unsealed yesterday, and the Baltimore Sun has some details:

Terrell Suggs' longtime girlfriend claimed in a protective order filed last month that the Ravens' Pro Bowl outside linebacker punched her in the neck and drove a car containing their two children at a "high rate of speed" while she was being dragged alongside.

The reigning NFL Defensive Player of the Year has since been ordered to turn over seven guns, including an AK-47, according to a temporary protective order granted by the Baltimore County Circuit Court.


Suggs is somehow not facing criminal charges for those incidents of abuse, alleged to have taken place in early September. Williams "filed the temporary protective order requesting that Suggs not abuse, threaten, harass or contact her," which in these circumstances essentially amounts to a restraining order. As for the forfeiture of the guns, the order means that a judge believed there to be "reasonable grounds" to believe the abuse took place, but it is not a guilty verdict.

For what it's worth—nothing?—the Ravens' director of team security denied that any of the seven guns was an AK-47, but admitted that one was a shotgun, so, OK. Suggs filed a counter-complaint:

In Suggs' complaint against Williams asking for immediate custody of the couple's son and daughter, he alleged that she is verbally abusive to the children, smokes marijuana while they're in the home and utilizes corporal punishment against them.

Suggs added that Williams took the children away from the home just prior to his travel for an away game, saying that to "not inform him of their whereabouts is of grave concern and further evidence of defendant's intention to deny plaintiff access to his children."


This is not the first time the couple has squabbled, nor the first vivid allegations of abuse against Suggs from Williams: in 2009, she claimed that Suggs had held her and their son down and poured bleach on the two of them, kicking Williams and breaking her nose in the process. In that case, too, Williams filed a protective order, but the couple reconciled a month later.

Jim John Harbaugh had no comment (Jim didn't either), and Suggs is expected to play against the Redskins this Sunday.

Ravens' Suggs Turned Over Guns After Temporary Protective Order Granted To Girlfriend [Baltimore Sun]

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