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Courtroom Sketches Of A Guy Doing Courtroom Sketches At The Barry Bonds Trial

<strong>Bethlehem Shoals</strong>

Our friend Bethlehem Shoals is covering the Bonds trial for The Daily. He provided exclusively to Deadspin these drawings of courtroom artist Norman Quebedeau, whose recent work can be found here.


The text reads, "He keeps putting on binoculars!"

The ear is my best work to date.


The text reads, "Too much Harry Truman." For the record, this is Norman Quebedeau.

And thus concludes Deadspin's exclusive coverage of USA vs. Barry Lamar Bonds.

Bethlehem Shoals is a founding member of and a regular contributor to NBA FanHouse. You can buy The Undisputed Guide to Pro Basketball History and lots of other stuff at the FreeDarko store.

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