Photo: Tom Pennington/Getty

On June 22, fringe Cowboys receiver Lucky Whitehead was arrested in the parking lot of a Woodbridge, Va. convenience store after a worker reported that he had shoplifted from the store. Police charged him with petty larceny for allegedly making off with less than $200 of merchandise.

However, as TMZ first reported today, Whitehead failed to show up for a July 6 arraignment hearing and Prince William County deputies issued a warrant for his arrest, charging him with failure to appear and setting a new court date.

Cowboys coach Jason Garrett addressed the situation and said he had just found out about the month-old arrest this morning. He was very blunt about the fact that Whitehead’s arrest might cost him his spot on the team. It’s been a whirlwind offseason for Whitehead, whose dog was recently held for ransom and later returned by a local rapper.


Whitehead only has nine catches in his two-year career with the Cowboys, which might explain why Garrett and the Cowboys are adopting this hardline stance. Whitehead is expendable, and therefore stands to be made an example of when he steps afoul of the law. Shortly after Garrett’s press conference, the Cowboys cut Whitehead.


Curiously, Garrett is much more forgiving towards his star running back, who’s been accused of more serious offenses.

Update, 7:06 p.m. EDT: Whitehead’s agent told Adam Schefter that Whitehead is innocent because Whitehead wasn’t around when the crime allegedly occurred. He’s blaming it on a case of mistaken identity and supposedly has flight records to prove it.

Lucky Whitehead’s agent, David Rich, said his client was not in Virginia when the incident occurred and it’s a case of mistaken identity.

On June 22, Whitehead was in Dallas, per his flight ticket that Rich has a copy of. Whitehead’s United flight left 7:18 am direct to Washington D.C. that morning and landed at 11:30 am - that is 10 hours after the shoplifting crime occurred in Woodbridge, Va.

Rich told the Cowboys he didn’t appear in court because he never received the citation and summons. The reason he didn’t receive the citation and summons is because he wasn’t in the state when the crime occurred, Rich said. Still the Cowboys announced they released Whitehead.

Rich has told the Cowboys this information. He says the plane record speaks for itself. “It’s just unfortunate for the kid,” Rich said.