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Cowboys vs. Seahawks: 3rd Quarter

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- The halftime show is over, mercifully bringing Jim Mora Jr.'s career as an analyst to an end. Cena was surprisingly gentle, by the way.


- Romo gets hit and fumbles the ball back inside his own 10. Julius Jones was able to dive on it and save the turnover, but they'll be punting here from deep inside their own territory.

- Excellent video from NBC there of Bill Parcells yelling in Tony Romo's ear, "Throw the fucking ball away." Since profanity amuses me in nearly all forms... let's see if I can't get some video of that for you.

- Mike Holmgren sacks up and goes for a couple of 4th and shorts, and gets both of them with Shaun Alexander's legs. The Seahawks are threatening to score a touchdown of their own here...


- And there it is. It's tight end Jerramy Stevens, who was not the runner-up for Sports Illustrated's Sportsman of the Year, catches a nice Matt Hasselbeck throw and turns it up into the endzone. 13-10 Seattle.

- Uh-oh... Miles Austin has a seam, Miles Austin has some speed, and Miles Austin is going to score! What's that you say? Who the hell is Miles Austin? He's a kick returner for the Cowboys, and he is gone. The Cowboys lead 17-13 now, and this one seems to be building towards a quality finish. Replay shows Miles Austin smiling from ear to ear at about the 20 yard-line... that's so cute.


- You may be wondering (though I doubt it) if Miles Austin is the first Monmouth alum to ever complete in the NFL. He's not, as it turns out. A fellow named Will Holder was once a receiver for the Raiders, if you still count the Raiders as an NFL team.

- Big first down pick-up there by Marion Barber on a screen pass on a 3rd and 7. Had they not gotten that one, they'd have been putning from about their own 10.


- Man, Julius Jones really wants to fight someone right now. He won't relax. Andre Gurode, ironically, is the one to grab him and settle him down. Gurode's thinking, "Hey, I know what happens when guys flip out like this. I've got the stitches in my forehead to prove it."

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