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Cowboys Win First 2009 Road Skirmish

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As if Native Americans haven't suffered enough abuse at the hands of the white man, now this: A Cowboys fan knocked out a Redskins fan with one punch in a car antenna flag dispute.


It happened in Washington D.C., according to NBC News Washington:

A man grabbed a Dallas Cowboys flag from a car that was stopped at a traffic light on L Street near Connecticut Avenue, threw it on the ground and was promptly punched in the face once the driver got out of his car. One witness told the Washington Post she saw a "big, tall man walk up to this guy and hit him across the head." Then other witnesses said he walked back toward his car, picked up what presumably was the flag, and drove off.

Plenty of witnesses, but evidently none of them were Redskins fans who were willing to rush to this guy's aid. Another sad chapter in what has become a one-sided rivalry (actually, the teams are 5-5 over their past 10 meetings). Oh, and the pedestrian? He was "out for a good five minutes," then treated for a bruise to the forehead. Behold your future, Colt Brennan.

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