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Between yanking the Extra Innings package away from millions of people and this beauty of a public relations move, it seems like Major League Baseball is hellbent on making itself as loathsome as possible these days.


Craig Biggio wears a pin on his hat during spring training. The pin is the logo for the Sunshine Kids Foundation, which describes itself as a non-profit organization "committed to providing positive group activities and emotional support for young cancer patients."

Biggio is their national spokesman, and he wears the pin because this is the time of year when baseball card photographs are taken, and Biggio feels like the Sunshine Kids like seeing the logo on his baseball cards. He says he's been doing it for 20 years.


It stops now, though. Biggio was told before the last Astros game that he couldn't wear it anymore, and umpires even came out and checked to make sure it was gone. I don't know that Major League Baseball has ever investigated Barry Bonds that closely.

It's hard to figure out MLB's angle on this one. I know everyone's got their uniform regulations, but ... it's a pin, it's spring training, and there's a pretty good reason behind it. Panger at Foul Balls tried to get some answers by calling MLB offices, and ... well, Vinny in public relations sounds like just the kind of guy MLB wants taking their calls these days.

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