Craig Carton Pleads Not Guilty, Gets Support From Chris Christie

Image via YouTube
Image via YouTube

Since his arrest for securities and wire fraud in September, former WFAN radio host Craig Carton has resigned from his post at the Boomer & Carton Show and stayed away from any media as he deals with his legal issues. On Tuesday, USA Today published an interview with Carton in which he said he’s innocent, and he has a hell of an informal character witness.


Carton, who pleaded not guilty at today’s arraignment in Manhattan, said his life has been miserable since the Security and Exchanges Commission filed a lawsuit which accuses him of fraudulently obtaining millions of dollars from investors through an enterprise selling concert tickets. From the interview:

“It is devastating,” Carton said. “There is no other word for it. It has thrown my entire life upside down – I have to talk to my kids about things that they might not understand but that I know they are reading … adult things that no kid should ever have to read about, especially when you are talking about their father.”

He continued: “As far as the personal toll, I was employed for 10 years at my dream job. I have no income now. My life unfortunately is kind of on hold. The last two months have been hell.”

Failed sports radio host and lame duck New Jersey Governor Chris Christie made an appearance in the story and stumped for Carton’s character. (How much does it really help to have the support of this guy?)

“I believe in Craig and I believe in his goodness as a person,” Christie said. “I asked him when this all broke to be honest with me and he said he has done nothing wrong and he is the victim here. Craig has never lied to me before and so if a friend of mine tells me they are being wronged and I believe them – and I do believe Craig – (then) friendship is not just for good times but for difficult times too. That’s when you need to stand up.”

Carton said he’s also received encouraging messages from former Mets GM Omar Minaya and Charles Barkley.

After entering his plea, Carton delivered a public statement outside the courthouse today and reiterated that he has done nothing wrong. “The real fact, that you guys couldn’t possibly know, is that about a week and a half ago the government conceded to my lawyers that I had a legitimate ticket-selling business, and that I’ve been selling tickets for a long time,” he said, via Newsday. “Unfortunately, the damage caused by the government’s false accusations cannot be undone.”


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