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Creighton Bluejays

1. Trust The Frosh With The Rock. Creighton was 17-5 for the season before losing true freshman point guard Josh Dotzler to a knee injury, and went 2-4 without Dotzler, who will be back for the NCAA tournament. Dotzler isn't the first true freshman to start at the point for Creighton: Dotzler succeeded Tyler McKinney, who was a four-year starter, and McKinney succeeded another four-year starter, Ryan Sears. Which means that Creighton's next point guard is probably lighting up his fifth grade YMCA league right now.

2. Anthony Tolliver Has A Tough Sewing Circle: Tolliver, Creighton's starting center, has required stitches for injuries sustained in six different games this season — three times on the outside of his mouth, once on the inside of his mouth and once over each eye. Yet Tolliver has returned to play in each of those six games. Information is sketchy about the condition of the opposing players, backboards, floors, cheerleaders, scorer's tables, folding chairs and television cameras against which Tolliver insists on smashing his head.

3. Jimmy Motz Is An Honest Man. Motz, a former starter and key reserve forward, has played nearly 15 minutes per game this season, yet hasn't recorded a steal. Motz has played more minutes than anyone in the country without a steal. Motz earns his scoring, too: of Motz' 34 field goals this season, 32 have been from 3-point range. That's what will happen when you spend 15 minutes a game loitering on the perimeter waiting for your defender to wander away from you. — David Dirgo

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