Creighton's Doug McDermott Learned Being The Coach's Son Sometimes Means Being Humiliated On TV

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Creighton fell to Wichita State 89-68 last night—the 15th-ranked Bluejays' third loss in a row—and the slow meltdown of the perennial MVC powerhouse was made clearly evident in this incident late in the first half. Creighton star Doug McDermott's erratic play earned him a nasty tongue-lashing from head coach (and dad) Greg McDermott, one that didn't seem to help the team dig out of their hole.

There's still plenty of time for Creighton to bounce back and build the team unity that could lead to a deep NCAA tournament run. This is, after all, the same team that dispatched SDSU and three Big Ten teams earlier in the season. If that's going to happen, though, Doug McDermott needs to pull his shit together and be a leader—something his father is clearly struggling to inspire within him. [ESPN2]