Kilpatrick, a juvenile detention center in Malibu, is making a run at a sectional hoops title, thanks to a theatrically plucky coach and an uneasy Bloods-Crips alliance. Where have I heard that one before?

Under the eye of coach Kurt Keller, rival gang members serving time at Kilpatrick have decided to throw alley oops instead of punches (crotch or otherwise).


It's a pretty astonishing story. The kids at Kilpatrick come and go based on their sentences, thus the roster is constantly in flux; the team has 100 percent turnover each year. (Why, it's like a John Calipari-coached team, only without all the vacated games.) The moral of the story: Gang members in juvie will temporarily team up to win a few basketball games and become the subjects of a nice little puff piece.


UPDATE: Kilpatrick won! But then had to forfeit their title because they used a player who had exceeded his eligibility. This seems appropriate. [LA Times] H/t Eric and Jason.

Gang rivals on the street, teammates on the court [LA Times]