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Cristiano Ronaldo On Rejection Of Ban Appeal: "Injustices Will Never Bring Me Down"

Photo credit: Alex Caparros/Getty

Cristiano Ronaldo seems to think that everything bad that happens to Cristiano Ronaldo is proof of a vast worldwide conspiracy to besmirch the reputation of Cristiano Ronaldo. This explains why he would describe the Spanish tax authorities seeking to collect on some €15 million they believe he may have defrauded from them as “persecution,” and why he would consider a five-match suspension for shoving a referee not a justified response to an obviously unacceptable act but instead yet more “persecution,” and why he has tweeted today, once again in reference to his suspension, that the Court of Arbitration for Sport’s rejection of his appeal was an “injustice”:


Run that through Google Translate and you get: “One more incomprehensible decision. Injustices will never bring me down. And as always I will come back stronger. Thank you to those who have supported me.”

Ronaldo, my man. No need to be so dramatic. Just take the L and keep it moving.


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