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CrossFit Still Litigious, Still The Worst

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Don't mess with the CrossFit bros over at your nearest warehouse-cum-gym. Everyone knows that. Scientists and their journals know it. Magazines know it. Apparently the only entity that didn't know it was an Italian fitness equipment company called Cross Gym. They sure as hell do now.


"A couple years ago, Cross Gym applied to cancel CrossFit's trademark in the EU," writes CF attack dog Russ Greene through his Facebook. "This April, the EU's trademark tribunal cancelled CrossGYM's [sic] trademark application."

Got it. Problem solv—NOT SO FAST.

"Now," Greene goes on, "the Court of Milan has declared the CrossGYM trademark invalid in Italy. And CrossGYM has to stop using the CrossGYM name entirely since it infringes on CrossFit. CrossGYM will pay 1000 euros per day that it continues using the name 'CrossGYM,' in addition to whatever damages the court determines next month."

Calling it a "precedent-setting victory," in case you're not totally sure the significance of the ruling, he will spell it out for you:

Bottom Line:

CrossGYM attacked CrossFit's brand and ended up destroying its own brand. CrossFit Legal protected the CrossFit affiliate community from attack and dealt a potentially fatal blow to the aggressor. CrossFit's trademark is stronger than ever, and aspiring infringers have even more to worry about at night.


Just, I mean. Fuck you, CrossFit.

If you know Italian, read the full ruling here.