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Crowning Our Pants Party Winner

Well, the bowls are finally, FINALLY over, and, as much as the bowl system might be ridiculous and a relic of a time when everybody gathered around the fireplace and listened to the games on their 100-pound radios, we must confess that they were more entertaining than we had anticipated. We could watch that Boise State game on repeat for days.

The end of the bowl season also means the end of our College Bowl Pants Party, and we now crown a winner: It's "R. Heckman," with his/her "I Could Stump The Schwab" entry. It was a confidence pool, and he nailed his top 10 games, though he/she did miss last night's game. If Mr./Ms. Heckman could email us, we'll send him/her the prize package, along with hearty congratulations and/or man hugs.


How did we finish? 84,723rd out of all entries. Yeah, we're not good at predicting things.

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