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CSN Chicago Brings Us More Locker-Room Dong, And This One Appears To Belong To Kevin Youkilis [NSFW] [UPDATE]

Terry Francona once quipped about Kevin Youkilis's Greek God of Walks moniker: "I've seen him in the shower: he's not the Greek God of anything." It seems we may have the opportunity here to judge for ourselves, as this CSN Chicago locker room interview with White Sox pitcher Pedro Hernandez accidentally spies a gentleman emerging nude from the showers—a fellow who appears to be none other than Youk.

When SNY showed an as-yet-unidentified Mets player's dong in the background during a live interview with R.A. Dickey, we chalked it up to the unpredictable nature of live clubhouse broadcasts. We don't actually know if this clip aired live on CSN Chicago, but it's on their website—which means somebody actually edited this video and somehow didn't notice the dong in the background.


h/t to David

Update (4:37 p.m.): Sun-Times beat reporter Daryl Van Schouwen says it's not Youkilis! We've reached out for a proper ID.

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