Cubs Consider Getting Rid Of Wrigley's Most Iconic Feature

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The ivy is safe. The troughs are endangered.

The Cubs have been sending out surveys to selected fans — it's the standard stuff, what do you like about coming to games, what would you like to see changed, etc. But if you have the fortitude to make it to question 47, you get this: a question asking if it would preferable to install urinals in Wrigley Field restrooms, instead of the current troughs.

You never see troughs anymore, and it's probably because men like a modicum of privacy while urinating. That's fine. But I worry that future generations will never know the communal spirit of whipping it out alongside fellow drunks, nor the underrated thrill of watching your pee flow downstream to the trough's drain.


But besides that, this is history. You wouldn't cover up Michelangelo's David just because some prudes don't want penis in their peripheral view. And you wouldn't want to eliminate the timeless fun of the trough Slip 'n Slide: