It's that time of year again, when dads somehow simultaneously shirk and embrace parental responsibility by catching foul balls with babes in arms. Last night in Chicago, a Cubs fan managed to juggle his infant to his left arm and grab a foul ball with his right.

This is, fundamentally speaking, the most impressive foul ball catch a fan can make: he's not just saving a $7 cup of beer here. We suppose that's why it so dazzled the WGN crew, who declared it—as quaintly as possible—"a web gem, if I ever saw one!" and demanded that someone "give that man a contract!" If Ricketts ever gets the memo, then this should make for a great takeoff on Rookie Of The Year some day. Ryan Gosling will play the young hero of a dad, and Costner will play the grandfather. Of course.

H/T Joel.