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Sports News Without Fear, Favor or Compromise
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Mark Sanchez threw for 100 yards and a pick yesterday, but he also managed not to light himself on fire or dance the hoochie coochie at midfield, so once again everyone has termed his performance — sigh — poised.


By any measure, Sanchez had a crappy game. But because he is the quarterback, and because he is very handsome, and because his team somehow found a way not to lose, his crappy game had to be elevated into something like heroism.

Headline, " ... shows a veteran's poise ..."

Headline, Bleacher Report: "... Playing With Poise"

Gary Myers, New York Daily News: "... maintained his poise"

Mark Kriegel, "... outplay and outpoise the Chargers' Philip Rivers ..."


Jets tight end Dustin Keller, via Dave Hutchinson, Newark Star Ledger: "... so poised ..."

Bob Glauber, Newsday: "... poise and composure ..."

Steve Serby, New York Post: "... uncommon valor and poise ..."

Look, I know you're probably as sick of this as I am, but it's the playoffs. We have a duty to perform, and that duty is to document every instance of people dressing up mediocrity by calling it "poise." It says here Sanchez throws four picks at Indy, at which point he ceases to be "poised" and embarks on a long offseason of being called "erratic" in the New York press.

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