There are a lot of fake athlete accounts out there on Twitter, because it’s fun to pretend to be Jonathan Broxton or whatever and tweet, “just did a big wet fart.” One of these fake accounts bears the name of former MLB pitcher Sidney Ponson, and last night the owner of the account started a beef with Curt Schilling that Schilling believes to be very real.

You ready for this? First an introduction to the fake Sidney Ponson account:

Nice. Okay, now the beef:

Good question! Can someone help Curt out?

Right, that seems fishy.

Are you sure about that?

Well there we go. Glad that’s all settled...

Psyche! If you think my man Curt Schilling can’t spot a false flag operation from a mile away, then you haven’t been paying attention, amigo.

I’m glad Curt was able to get to the bottom of this mystery and pull the wool away from our eyes. Now somebody hire him to find those dang emails!!!