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Curt Schilling Talks To Curt Schilling About David Ortiz

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Nothing really happens to the Red Sox until Curt Schilling says it happens, so the pitching maestro sat down with himself for an informative Q & A about how the David Ortiz situation affects Curt Schilling.


For starters, David Ortiz being on the juice makes it harder for Schilling to raise his kids. This is a teachable moment, of course, but the important thing to remember is that you should not be a phony. But is Curt Schilling shocked by the revelations about his former teammates? Can anything shock him?

I mean come on. Our stinking President had sex with a woman half his age in the oval office and looked straight into the camera in his best Rafael Palmeiro impersonation and said "I did not have sexual relations with that woman." No, his comments don't make it more surprising.


Tough, but fair. (Although technically, Raffy was impersonating him.) But what about the rest of list?

If this is going to continue, MLB and the game would be far better served by just rolling them all out, right now. It wasn't fair when Alex was outed on his own, and neither is this. It's a field day for sports journalists with no talent, because their story is written for them.

As a sports journalist with no talent, I am forced to agree with that. If, for example, a heroic baseball pitcher were suddenly outed as a cheater that post would write itself and I would become rich. Plus, at my elementary school Field Days every one got a ribbon just for participating, and I really appreciated that.

Oh, I almost forgot. Hey Curt, what about that whole breaking the curse and winning two titles with tainted players?

This makes me laugh. I have already seen the bandwagon fans start the *04 and *07 threads and remarks, people with teams who are far deeper into this than most other teams - as if this makes it all OK. Every team going back 10-15 years needs an * if you want to consider giving it to anyone. The hard part is that it's turning into a situation where we are seeing every single GREAT player in the past 10 years caught, and they're dragging what we thought were the majority, and are now turning into the minority, down with them.


So no regrets then?

Questions and answers on the David Ortiz news [38 Pitches]


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