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Curt Schilling's Son Accidentally Brings Fake Grenade To Logan Airport

The Schilling family took a plane flight this morning, and one of Curt Schilling's sons made the security screening more eventful than usual. From his Facebook:

Want a good one to start your day? We are at Logan getting ready to fly. Heading through security when one of my sons looks at me in panic...."DAD!".....OMG I THINK I LEFT MY FAKE GRENADE IN MY BAG!!!

Me.....ummm, what??? 3 seconds later the belt stops, every tsa person is on their walkie talkies. Then, they shoo everyone in line behind us away...15 minutes later the bomb squad arrives....


Schilling's youngest son is 12 years old, which means he's just young enough to credibly pull off the "sorry dad, I didn't know I wasn't supposed to pack my noise-canceling headphones and gum on top of my fake grenade" routine. If it was his 15 or 19 year old son that did it, well, c'mon man.

NECN reports that the Schilling family was taken into a private room to explain their story to the TSA, and that it didn't cause any delays.

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