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Sports News Without Fear, Favor or Compromise
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Little Zack Webb has already developed some pretty strong convictions in his seven years on Earth. One is that Leeds are tops. Another is that the club could be the best in the world. Most importantly, he knows he's the man to make it happen.


Here's the full text of the letter Zack sent to Leeds owner Massimo Cellino, one that Terry George says turned up at the club's offices today:

To Cellino

I would like to be the next leeds manager so they can be best team in world. I support leeds and would know which players to bring in .I could have us promoted. I would help us win the champions league.


Zack Webb


The offer admittedly sounds pretty preposterous, considering the team has been stranded in the English second tier league for more than a decade now, but it might not be. The last local lad who believed he could bring Leeds to glory almost did, right before his financial mismanagement crashed them into the lower league muck they currently find themselves in. So beware, Cellino.


h/t Terry George

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